Author: H.M. Ward

Publication: March 6th, 2012

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Description: The time has come for Ivy to face her dark fate. There are no other options—she must destroy Kreterus. Failure to destroy him will result in the annihilation of the world we know and Ivy being doomed to reside in the Underworld for eternity.
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My Review:

With their non-stop action, unique storyline, and powerful characters that I loved, I have come to be a big fan of the Demon Kissed series. So, of course, I was ecstatic about reading the final book, The 13th Prophecy, when it came out. While The 13th Prophecy had much of the splendor of the previous books, it wasn't quite the perfect gem that I had learned to expect from this series.

The main thing that tarnished this "gem" from perfection for me was Ivy's boobs. No that wasn't a typo. Ivy's boobs are quite the hot commodity in this book. The previous four books didn't have much sexual stuff going on. They made out and lusted for eachother, but it never crossed any lines. In The 13th Prophecy, Ivy is groped by 3 different guys- 2 of them doing it mostly to cause her pain. Umm.. what? It was meaningless and could have been easily omitted from the story.

You have heard me rant and rave about the main character of the Demon Kissed series, Ivy, for the past four books and are probably growing weary of it. Well here it is again: Ivy does everything that she can to save her friends and the world from evil, even if it means sacrificing herself. She deals with unstoppable dark magic and even the Demon King himself; all in a day's work. Ivy, how bad-ass and ferocious you are. Or mostly are. While her selflessness is a commendable trait for the most part, I don't appreciate it when it comes to Eric. Eric was a crazy, vengeful Valefar and it was fun. However, now he has only gotten crazier for reasons I will not share, and he irritates me. His favorite pass-time is hurting Ivy (including her boob..) and Ivy lets him hurt her in some twisted sense of helping him be happier. Other than that, Ivy remains the same unstoppable force that she has been through the series.

I loved the constant twists and turns of the story and that every page was filled with action- trademarks of the Demon Kissed series. My favorite part of The 13th Prophecy, though, was Kreturus. Yes, I've developed a crush for the anicent, utterly evil Demon King. Collin is Ivy's soul mate and I love him, but I honestly felt that their romance lost some of its spice.. And I actually was kind of hoping that Ivy became Kreturus' Queen, and she did come close. He was extremelly powerful, had the looks of a greek god, and wanted Ivy passionately. And who can resist a bad boy? Or maybe I'm just messed up.

In each of the previous books, there were some spelling/grammar errors here and there, though they were very minimal and didn't bother me in the slightest. I thought that I should mention that, in The 13th Prophecy, I didn't see a single one.

Being the final installment in the Demon Kissed series, The 13th Prophecy had a lot to live up to. For the most part, with its original and exciting story that never gives your heart a break, it lived up to them well. I will say the ending was not as epic as I had anticipated though. The little things that I wrote above combined to make this final novel not quite perfect to me, but still close. I definitely recommend this and the entire Demon Kissed series.

Summed Up:

The 13th Prophecy was good, but not as good as the other books in the series. It kept up with the great story, action, and kick-ass main character. But, I really didn't like Eric, I didn't appreciate Ivy getting groped, and the main romance with Collin honestly seemed to lose some of it's sparkle as the bad guy, Kreturus, stole my vote.

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Julie said...

I've been a huge fan of the Demon Kissed series too, but I'm finding myself hesitant to delve into this one. I'm thinking it's because the ending might not agree with me and also, never was a huge fan of Eric :/

Linny said...

I'm not a fan of Eric in this book, I put him in the "Cons" haha! And honestly Julie, I don't blame you for being hesitant. This series was just so amazing, and while H.M. Ward plans on writing a spin-off series about Eric, as you can imagine I'm not thinking I'll be reading it. Also, as a big YA fan, I was a little taken aback by the sudden increase in mature content in this last book. Nothing completely crazy, but definitely more than the other books and more than I would expect from YA. I personally didn't like it. And frankly, while the ending is happy in it's own way, I wasn't as impressed with it as I would've liked to be.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's really up to you. It continues with the great story, but with more flaws than previous books. Hope this helped!

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