Author: H.M. Ward

Publication: January 10th, 2011

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Description: A single stone can heal the Sapphire Serum that's poisoning Ivy Taylor and destroy the powerful demon who is hunting her—but she has to find it first. Forced into an alliance with her worst enemy, Ivy searches for Satan's Stone. But she learns that the cost of using the stone's power may be more than she can pay. If Ivy fails to retrieve the stone in time, she risks losing more than her soul and her true love—she risks the annihilation of the world.
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My Review:

Wow. I literally read this entire book in one sitting (if you don't count getting up to have dinner). Satan's Stone is the 4th book in the Demon Kissed series, and they are only getting better.

One of my favorite characteristics of the Demon Kissed series in the last 3 books was their ability to completely blindside me, and Satan's Stone kept up the trend. I absolutely loved the fact that one minute I was sure beyond a doubt about something, and the next I would be proven completely wrong with some fun new plot twist. The story continues to be excitingly original and unpredictable.

Prehaps even a little more than the other Demon Kissed books, Satan's Stone has a dark side that I absolutely revere. I've had my fill of books bursting with fluff and rainbows: a few examples being supernatural guys who leave because they're "afraid of hurting" people, no main characters ever getting hurt (very unrealistic), and vampires suitable for PETA. Satan's Stone makes my heart race with everything from the heartless demons, to the black magic, to the edge-of-death experiences that are an all too common experience for the characters. The characters themselves are getting darker too. Eric continues to be a ruthless Valefar bent on revenge, Collin's allegiance remains in question after the ending of Torn, and Ivy is discovering and even welcoming her own overwhelmingly powerful, dark abilities.

The one and only complaint I have for Satan's Stone is a small one. As she did in some of the previous books, the main character Ivy continues to lie and hide things from the people that care about her and it does get to be a little irritating. However, in most cases I do understand her reasoning for keeping secrets and even agree with her, even if I wish that she could be open with them. Other than that, Ivy continues to be the refreshingly strong and powerful heroine that I love.

Ivy's life is only getting harder as she tries to save herself, her loved ones, and the world itself from evil. While she's known that the prophecy looms over her and  is inescapable, she hadn't trully accepted that her life would never be the same until now. In Satan's Stone, it fully hits Ivy that there are no loopholes in the prophecy- she has no choice but to defeat Kreturus and become the Demon Queen. Accepting this, she fights harder than ever to learn what she must. And what with the loss of Al and the betrayals of Eric and Collin, Ivy must do it entirely on her own. I greatly enjoyed watching Ivy become the lone wolf- taking care of herself and discovering her vast powers. Attack a vengeful Valefar head-on without fear? Make deals with demons? Pfft, Ivy kicks ass for breakfast.

Satan's Stone was an amazing addition to the Demon Kissed series and I enjoyed it thoroughly. If you haven't read the first 3 books, I highly recommend that you do! With its original and dark story, non-stop action, and fearlessly powerful characters, the Demon Kissed series has become one of my favorites.

Summed Up:

Like the previous books, this one had a thrilling story, non-stop action, characters I loved, and a great romance. Satan's Stone is even a bit darker/serious, which I loved. It should be noted that it does have some small grammer errors though.

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*H.M. Ward actually posted my reivew for Satan's Stone on her website!! [link] *

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