Author: Saga Berg

Publication: January 17th, 2012

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Description: Nordic Liosálfar Svala and Viggo have been in love for a thousand years. After two years apart Svala turns on her TV to find Viggo in the public light, posing as a movie star. She tries to seek him out and the events that follow forces some deep buried secrets to surface...

Svala and Viggo have spent a hundred lives together over the last thousand years. As Liosálfar, Nordic light fairies, their job is to do good and to uphold a balance in the mortal world. A balance, often compromised by the Döckálfar, Nordic dark fairies.

But even good fairies need incentive.

Svala and Viggo are kept apart each life until they fulfill their assignments. Only when, and if, they succeed are they allowed to be together for whatever period of time the powers that be decides. Sometimes they are together for decades, other times years and during the last union once only three weeks.

In this life, Svala turns on her TV and learns that Viggo has become a popular movie star. This is not only highly unexpected, it indicates something is wrong and that Viggo is attempting to contact Svala before their assignments are carried out, an action which is strictly forbidden.

Svala seeks him out, but not without breaking a few rules of her own, and learning that things are not always as they seem.

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My Review:

With the premise of not just your run of the mill fairies, but Nordic fairies, I immidiately was drawn to this book. Both this element and the storyline of a fairy couple living new lives, completeing assignments for eternity in order to spend it with eachother was very unique. It fails to mention it in the description, but this book is actually a novella. It took me maybe a total of one hour to read the entire thing.

Due to the book's shortness and it being the first of a series, Nordic Fairies was more like reading only the first few chapters of a regular sized novel. The storyline was still being explained and my interest in it was only just starting to bloom. I still have many questions and the story itself, of course, is very far from being resolved. It was like setting a delicious cake in front of me and only allowing me a nibble. I think that Nordic Fairies could be a delicious cake worth a 5 heart rating in its entirity, but the first bite itself, filled with explaination and build-up, can only be worth 3 hearts.

We don't get to know the characters very well, since the story is only in its beginning, but so far I like them. The main characters, Svala and Viggo, seem to be trully in love - an eternal love. Svala is pure and Viggo is devastatingly handsome. I'm not as impressed with Svala's friends yet, but we haven't learned much about them at this point.

Despite its shortness, I did enjoy it. Dark and Light fairies, lovers repeatedly forced apart for eternity, something mysterious going on in the balance of light and dark.. As I said, the storyline is very unique and I am excited to learn more about it and the characters in the sequels. Nordic Fairies was well written and, unlike many indie books, it didn't have any spelling or grammar errors either. I think this series has potential and I plan to read the second novella to the series, Freja.

Summed Up:

Nordic Fairies was an interesting start to the series. It had a unique storyline and I liked the whole "Nordic" part of it, but it was just too short for anything to have really happened.

About the Author

Linny is the 18 year old girl and self-proclaimed mastermind behind Linny's Literature. She enjoys reading, designing, and spending time with her family. Learn more about her on the Meet Linny page.
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