Author: A.M. Robinson

Publication: December 28th, 2010

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Description: I swear, my life was always totally normal.

Normal house, normal family, normal school. My looks are average, I don't have any superpowers, no one's showing up to tell me I'm a princess—you get the picture. But when my junior year started, something not normal happened. There were new kids at school . . . new kids with a wardrobe straight out of a 19th-century romance novel, and an inexplicable desire to stay at school until sundown.

And on top of that, James Hallowell showed up. James, who stole my sandwiches in fourth grade and teased me mercilessly through middle school. James, who now seems to have the power to make my heart race any time he comes near.

But something weird is going on. Because James rarely goes out during the day. And he seems stronger than your typical guy. And he knows the new kids, all of whom seem to be harboring some kind of deep secret. . . .

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My Review:

Vampire Crush was okay. Another book jumping on the vampire bandwagan; it was a fluffy story that was cute, but wasn't anything special in any way.

When I say that this book is just another joining the vampire bandwagan, I mean it's just another book joining the Twilight bandwagan. Just a regular teenage girl in highschool when a band of vampires arrives that nobody would ever guess to be vampires. Girl senses something off about them, discovers their secret, and eventually gets with one of hot male vamps. Sound familiar? It did have some story elements differ, however. For one thing, it had the "hot male vamp", James, be a long lost friend of our "regular teenage girl", Sophie. It was fresh and definately added to the story. For a Twilight bangwaganer, I also appreciated that it had the vampire band actually drink human blood and that not all vampires in the band are particularly nice. Vampire Crush also had an important story element concerning Sophie that greatly differed with Twilight, but it's something you'll have to figure out along with the main character as you read.

Throughout the book, there are jokes and humor that sometimes make you laugh, but other times makes you roll your eyes. There are even a few laugh-worthy ones directly about Twilight in there! The joking was fun and kept the story light from start to finish. This was nice because who doesn't like a good laugh every now and then (when you aren't rolling your eyes), but it also played a part in keeping this book in the fluff-zone.

Despite the fact that Vampire Crush actually had it's vampires drink human blood and some of them were even evil, at the end of the day this book is still just fluff. Fluff makes for a great book to read when you're bored and have nothing else to do, but it will never be a book that you will love or one that you will always remember. Everything that happened in Vampire Crush was very PG and at no point in the book was I afraid for anyone's saftey in the slightest.

While the story was cute and sometimes had me laughing, it was nothing more than a light read. I will undoubtedly soon forget about this book as it's fluffy contents float in one ear and out the other. If you're looking for a stand-alone vampire book with a nice story to read sometime when you're bored, then you should check this book out.

Summed Up:

Vampire Crush was a cute, quick read. It was very simular to Twilight though, to the point where I wonder if the author did it as sort of a joke? I wasn't laughing. It did have some funny jokes in it though. I would've liked it more if it wasn't so fluffy.

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