“Fire is catching”, and anticipation for the upcoming Hunger Games movie is spreading across the world like wildfire. Fans of the world-renowned Hunger Games trilogy are counting down the days until the first movie hits theaters on March 23, 2012. Who wouldn't be excited after seeing that trailer? Here it is if you haven't seen it:

Awesome right? I watch it almost every day. Sad, I know. But if you've read the books, than you can probably understand. If you haven't read The Hunger Games series yet, then read my review for The Hunger Games trilogy. It is absolutely my favorite series now and I suggest you read the books immidiately. Like, now. For my fellow fans who have read the books, aren't you excited?! Have you already bought your tickets? I know that I'll be going at least twice, one of them hopefully being the midnight showing (if I have my way).

Some fans are worried that the upcoming film won't do their beloved books justice. Whether it's cutting parts of the story or having actors that can't play the part, it would be a nightmare. We all remember Eragon.. After watching all of the trailers available and visiting all of the offical websites, I personally feel confident that the movie will be epic. What do you think, will it be a dud or correctly capture the books?

Besides buying the tickets as soon as I can get my hands on them, I also plan to get a mockingjay pin if it's the last thing I do. They only became available at Hottopic on Febuary 23rd, and only 5 days later I see they are already sold out. They are also out of stock on Amazon, but considering the impressive demand for these little hunks of metal, I'm sure they'll have more up soon. And then, I'll be ready. To sate my inner raging Hunger Games fan-girl, I will also require a tee-shirt and at least one Peeta merchandise. Everything you can imagine (including pillowcases!) except the pin is available here at Hottopic.

What to do until March 23rd
With currently 23 days left to go before the movie comes out, here are some things to do during the wait. First, you should check out the Capitol Couture website. Created by the guys who made the Hunger Games movie, it acts as an "actual" Capitol website: posting Capitol fashion, updates on the upcoming 74th Hunger Games, and even some character profiles. It's a great way to get my daily fill of Hunger Games without simply watching the trailers repeatedly. You can also go to The Capitol website (also an official Hunger Games website) and do the Citizen Registration to find out what district you're in. I'm District 7: Lumber. Cool with me, except that for the ID you create on the site I thought it'd be a good idea to take a picture with my webcam. That is never a good idea. And I have no idea how to change the picture. Sigh. I'll keep trying.

Another great way to pass the time is to watch the fabulous works of MainStay Productions. They created a few amazing Hunger Games videos that you must watch. They are superb quality and stick to the books to the letter. Remember the Second Quater Quell, the one that Haymitch won? Well, here is the Game from start to finish:

Is that not pure magic? Haymitch is so goodlooking it's criminal. And after watching that badass blonde with the axe, I can honestly say that I am proud to be a part of the Lumber District. That is my personal favorite of MainStay's Hunger Games videos. A close second is their web series of Finnick and Annie. They created the story of how Finnick and Annie meet and stay together up until the Third Quarter Quell, which is quite a feat. Plus, it has the same Haymitch-hottie playing as Finnick, which I am perfectly fine with watching for the whole 22 minute show. If you want to look through all of their Hunger Games videos and more, go to MainstayPro on Youtube.

My only other suggestion is to re-read The Hunger Games trilogy! I don't think it is possible to read those books too many times. My mom has read them four times to date. I kid you not. Other than that, we must simply wait March 23rd out. And I will be doing that, to the exact second.

Until then, may the odds be ever in your favor!

Pt. 2 - Can't Wait: The Hunger Games movie

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