Guess what guys. Today, May 9th, is my 18th birthday! (By some ungodly stoke of bad luck, it was also the day of my B.C. Calc exam.. How does that even happen? On one free response question I had to give up on, I drew a pretty cake haha. Well, at least it's over with now!) To celebrate my big day, I decided to have a Birthday Giveaway! Maybe I'm getting out of hand with all of these giveaways, but they're so much fun. And you only turn 18 once, you know.

Since it is my birthday, I decided that the prize would be one of my favorite YA books. Since I have an ever-growing list of favorites, though, I shortened it down a bit. Here are the books to choose from if you win.

Prize Choices:

Some Rules:

  • This giveaway is open internationally since the wonderful Book Depository ships to all of these places for free. Make sure your country is listed. I'm betting it will be unless you live on an undiscovered island or have stumbled into a wormhole and are no longer with us here on Earth.
  • The PRIZE: Like I said earlier, is ANY book of your choice from the list above.
  • I reserve the right to disqulify anyone who makes entires in things that they haven't completed the task for. I check!
  • This giveaway is open from May 9th until May 29th! Then the winner will be chosen, who I will contact immidiately. If they don't reply within 48 hours, then a new winner will be chosen.

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Closed! And the winner is... Tobi H.!

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Linny is the 18 year old girl and self-proclaimed mastermind behind Linny's Literature. She enjoys reading, designing, and spending time with her family. Learn more about her on the Meet Linny page.
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Paperback_Princess said...

I would totally pick Firelight! And Happy Birthday!!!!!! Mine is later this month and I'm hosting a few giveaways myself! I hope you have fun! Make sure you buy a scratch off!

Linny said...

Thank you! I got a few tickets from relatives, but didn't win anything sadly. And I'll make sure to stop by your blog! :)

Theshortone08 said...

First of all, Awww I can't believe you're going to be 18! Happy Birthday Linny, dear! I hope you have the bestest day ever!
I myself am turning 22! Yikes! :D

I'd pick Obsidian. Seems like a pretty awesome book.
-martha :D

FJ said...

I'd pick Obsidian, too :)

and... Happy birthday Linny, wish you all the best :D

alreem @ (AlreemBookChapters) said...

Happy Birthday and Thanks for the Giveaway!! I'd choose The Immortal or Under The Never Sky :)

NatasaLikes said...

Happy Birthday Linny!! =D I hope you have the most amazing day! Thanks a lot for the giveaway. I'd pick Under the Never Sky, I think—there are so MANY good books, you make this really hard *sigh*.

PS. I'm nearing 100 followers on my blog so watch that space for a giveaway =D

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday :D

Probably Under The Never Sky :)

Anonymous said...

WOW this is a tough choice. HMMMM. I'd say that I'd probably pick between Firelight, Raised by Wolves or Angelfall. NOT SURE WHICH YET. XD

Thank you sooooooo much for the giveaway!

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your exam went okay though. <3 <3

Nicola said...

Maybe Angelfall. I've already read it but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a print copy. :)

Happy birthday!

Karin said...

Happy Birthday!
and thank you for this international giveaway!

I think I would pick Obsidian. Read it and would love to have a pysical book and not only the Kindle version :)

wrathsqueen said...

Happy birthday! I think I would choose Forgive My Fins. thanks for the international giveaway!

Vee_Bookish said...

Hey you! Happy Birthday! *birthday glomp*

Vee_Bookish said...

P.S. Your Rafflecopter isn't working for me. XD

Naga said...

I'd pick Nightshade!

Happy Birthday!! :)

Fellipe said...

I'd pick Under the Never Sky *-*
Happy Birthday!!

Linny said...

@Vickie Ramage
Hmm I wonder why not.. I know I went to a blog giveaway yesterday and one wasn't working for me either. It's working today though. Maybe try it again later? Hope it works.

Kristin said...

I would definitely check want firelight or demon kissed

Anonymous said...


Belated Bday wishes. Hope you had fun.

Came here from goodreads. Your blog is looking awesome, .
Just followed you. mind following me back?
Read that also

Linny said...

Thank you! I did. :) And I appreciate the compliments! Thanks for the follow, I've followed you back.

Emily said...

I would probably pick The Goddess Test it looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day and did well on your exam :)
I'd pick forgive my fins because I haven't read a book like that before!

roro said...

Happy Birthday Linny!
mmmm firelight/ ooh me want lol

Linny said...

Thank you! And good choice, looove the whole dragon thing with Firelight.

Shelver506 said...

Thanks for the giveaway, and happy birthday! 18 is a big deal.

I'd choose Under the Never Sky. It's one of my favorites, too.

Johannah said...

Happy birthday!! The hunger games is a favorite!

Anonymous said...

Happy 18th birthday, Linny! Hope you had a blast. :D

I'd pick Under the Never Sky. I've been wanting to read it but just never got around to buying it from the bookstore...

Unknown said...

Super Happy Birthday! And ty for the amazing giveaway <3

Oh, and I'd pick The Immortal Rules.

Sonia said...

I think I would probably go for a copy of Angelfall. I've been hearing SO many amazing things about that and I can't wait to give it a shot. I hope you had a super fantastic birthday! :) Thanks for the giveaway.


Tobi said...

Goddess Test of Immortal Rules!!!!!

Thanks for doing the giveaway!

Ashlee ♥ said...

Happy Birthday, Linny!!! Oh, to be 18 again! I'm 22 and feel so old XD!!
I would choose Nightshade I think :) That or Obsidian! I've heard so many good things about it, I definitely want to read it soon! :)

Also, your graphics are always so cute!!! I'm working on some new ones for my site, but it will be a while before I get to finishing them and putting them up!

Enjoy your special day!!

xo Ashlee

Catherine Siborutorop said...

Happy Birthday! I'd pick The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa. Thanks for the giveaway :D

Maya Floria Yasmin said...

Happy Birthday, wish you all the best :)
i choose under the never sky :)

Paper Dreams said...

Hope you had a lovely Birthday Linny! It was also my Son's 5th birthday on the 9th too :)


Sel said...

Yay! Happy belated 18th! You made loads of people happy on your birthday :)
My birthday is on end of May, think I will have a giveaway too but not sure if my parents will relent with their credit card ><
I would love to have Angelfall by Susan Ee!
Thanks for the giveaway :D

Szappanbubi said...

Happy glittery 18th !!!!!

I'd like to choose The Goddess test, please!


Hannah said...

Obsidian or Under the Never Sky! Thanks! Happy Brithday!


Beverley said...

I think I'd choose Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout!

Thanks for the giveaway and happy birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Hope you've had a splendid 18th birthday! Whoa!!! I'd love to have ANY of these, all of them sound great, really! But if I really have a make a pick... Under The Never Sky? :)

I'm so glad I've stumbled upon your blog, am a new follower now! Do drop by @ too!


Mel@Thedailyprophecy said...

Hmmm, I think Under the never sky.

Happy birthday, I'm too late, but I hope you had a nice day :) 18 is a wonderful age :D

Kate said...

So hard to pick! So many great choices. I think I'd pick Obsidian. Daemon sounds incredible.

Reading Mind / The Loyal Book said...

Happy B-day! mmm...probably the goddness test!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for this lovely giveaway! I'd probabale choose Raised by Wolves!

Happy Birthday and I hope you pass your exam with flying colours! :)

ShotgunGuyIsCool said...

Happy Birthday! :)
I would choose Under the Never Sky(Or if it's possible, Onyx, 'cause I already have Obsidian)
Thank you! :)

Kimberleigh said...

I would probably choose Forgive My Fins. I hope you had a great birthday!

Filia Oktarina said...

Happy Birthday Linny!!
I choose Under The Never Sky.
So hard to pick one, all book was great. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!!

Faith said...

Happy Birthday!

What an awesome giveaway-- I'd choose Firelight if I won! Thanks!

Fiza said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Great giveaway, I would choose hmmmm Wings i think.

Patrick Castro said...

Happy Birthday Linny! Congrats!!! :D
I would pick The Immortal Rules!!! Really excited for it! :)

Cass said...

Happy Birthday! :)

I'd pick Under the Never Sky. Looks like your preferences lie with paranormal/dystopian, which is different to my own preferences, but hey, I love the look of your blog. Thanks for following my blog, I now follow you back (I did even before I saw the giveaway, I swear! :P).

Celine said...

Happy birthday Linny! I hope you had a great day (except for the exam of course). Man, so many people are celebrating their birthday this month o:

I'd love to get The Goddess Test. I heard so many great things about it that I'm very curious now (:

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