Author: Katie MacAlister

Publication: November 2nd, 2010

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Description: Two Katie MacAlister vampire novels—Got Fangs? and Circus of the Darned—now back in print and
together for the first time!

Meet Francesca. She’s in Europe, working in a traveling faire along with psychics, magicians, and other really bizarre people. Her life? Not-so-normal. Her boyfriend, Ben? Not-so-alive. And in these two novels, it’s up to Francesca to redeem his soul, find something to wear on their very first date, deal with her emerging psychic talent, and shake the warring Viking ghosts she accidentally conjured.

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My Review:

Confessions of a Vampire's Girlfriend, the combination of two YA short stories: Got Fangs? and Circus of the Darned, is a very innocent light read with an interesting premise. The titles Got Fangs? and Circus of the Darned actually describe the story itself pretty well. They try to be funny, somtimes successfully and sometimes not. Replacing the word "damned" with "darned" in the second title, showing once again the attempt to be funny while keeping this book very innocent. Talking about the combination of circuses and vampires, a unique and promising storyline.

Francesca, aka Fran, travels with a supernatural circus across Europe with her mother, who's a witch. Along with some psychic powers of her own, Fran turns out to be a vampire's Beloved- the only woman who can redeem his soul. What about that story doesn't sound wonderful? If only this book could have focused more on that story. In Got Fangs?, there is a theif stealing from the Circus and, after some random stuff with her getting a horse, Fran promises to find out who it is. Circus of the Darned focuses on Fran trying to find her new horse after someone has stolen it and sending the Viking ghosts that Fran accidently summoned to Valhalla. Just.. what? The story of Fran discovering her powers, becoming a part of the circus, and exploring her romance with a hot vampire is set primarily on the backburner through the book. And that is the story I wanted to read.

The first part of this book, Got Fangs?, focuses on Fran finding out who is stealing from the Circus. When you find out who the killer really is, it is very anti-climatic. Not that I had guessed who the theif was or anything, but the whole thing seemed very fluffy. The second part, Circus of the Darned, tells the story of Fran trying to ditch the Viking ghosts she's accidentally conjured that think she's a goddess. While things the Vikings did were obviously meant to be funny, often they was more worthy of an eye-roll than a laugh. For example: Fran sees the Vikings causing chaos and says "Holy crap!" One of the Vikings look over at a pile of dog crap on the ground and say that since shes's a goddess, if she says it's holy than he won't question it. Duh Dun Tiss. In both parts of the book, the story remains very PG amd fluffy. Fluffy isn't necessarily bad though, it just means that this book can't be anything more than a light read for me.

My only real problem with Confession's of a Vampire's Girlfriend is the main character, Fran. She could go from hot to cold in a matter of seconds over things that I thought weren't nearly worth the effort. Fran had a strong personality and could stick up for herself, and this would've been nice if it hadn't been so over the top. Ben, the vampire who has found Fran to be his Beloved, often tries to protect and take care of Fran. I understand her getting upset to a point, being so pro-women as Fran is, but she gets seriously pissed at Ben for trying his best to protect her. At one point she calls him a "chivalric pig". Can those two words be in the same sentence? But then the next minute she'll be making out with him (She's hot then she's cold, she's yes then she's no~). And it wasn't as big a deal, but it kind of annoyed me how Fran would use a lot of quirky, made up type words. Her most abused word being "hissy", like saying that her mom was going to "have a hissy" about something.

Overall, Confession's of a Vampire's Girlfriend was a light, fun read. I believe that it could have been an amazing read, though, if it had stuck to the initial story, wasn't so fluffy, and gave Fran a chill pill. But maybe that's just me. It ended with more story to tell of Fran and Ben's relationship, and apparently it continues it MacAlister's Dark Ones adult series in book #8. However, Confession's of a Vampire's Girlfriend could be a stand-alone novel if you wanted it to be and that is what it's going to be for me.

Summed Up:

This was an "okay" book for me. It was light and fun, but just too fluffy for my taste. I liked the story premise, but the book didn't stick to it as much as I would've liked. I also was not a fan of the Drama Queen main character.

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