Author: Michelle Rowen

Publication: May 12th, 2011

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Description: When reluctant teen witch Brenda Collins is sent by her mother to a magical pet shop to pick out her animal familiar, she settles on a small tawny-striped kitten not realizing it's a shapeshifter currently in hiding. Discovering the gorgeous but troubled Owen's secret plunges the witch-in-training into a dangerous and romantic adventure that will test her magical abilities like never before.

Familiar is a stand alone 10,000 word YOUNG ADULT SHORT STORY, originally published in the "Kiss Me Deadly" anthology.

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My Review:

Familiar was such a wonderful short story! It was not only well-written and fun, it had an exciting new concept that I loved. I was lucky enough to get this for free as a Valentine's Day gift to her readers from the author, Michelle Rowen (thank you!), and I read it in about an hour and a half. Everything from the story to the great characters and cute romance kept me reading without stop until the last page.

My favorite thing about Familiar was the intriguing new story line. Witches and hottie-cat-man-shapeshifters?! You can count me in! Being the big paranormal/fantasy lover that I am, I've obviously watched my share of Charmed and other witch related shows and movies, and I'm suprised there hasn't been more magically delicious books cropping up. Familiar gave me some of the witchy goodness that I've been craving, along with the added fun of the shapeshifters.

Even though it was a short story and didn't have a lot of time for character development, it succeeded in making me like them anyway. I enjoyed the main character, Brenda, who refreshingly seemed to have her own backbone, and Owen (aka hottie-cat-man-shapeshifter and part-time familiar) who was sweet, charming, and definitely droolworthy.

Familiar was awesome, but that's nothing new coming from Michelle Rowen. And for those not lucky enough to snag a free copy, it's only a dollar for the Kindle (Familiar on Amazon)! My one and only complaint is that it really is a shame that Familiar couldn't have been a full novel.

Summed Up:

I really enjoyed this short story. It had a unique and fun story, I really liked the main character, and the love interest was definitely drool-worthy. I only wish that Rowen could have made this into a full length novel!

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